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The Way of Life Ministry


The Way of Life Ministry is a non-denominational Evangelical ministry. It is a large ministry based essentially in Cairo, Egypt, yet has a great impact on Arabs in different parts of the world, especially in the Arab World and other neighboring Middle Eastern countries as well.

Like any other genuine work of God, this ministry was started as a small nucleus in the late eighties as a small home group for discipling young men who had only recently accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. At that time we were ministering within the Orthodox Church.

With time, this small nucleus grew and was transformed from a small group holding its meetings in a house into a larger meeting in a small hall. It was then that God provided us with a meeting place in the Pentecostal church in Shoubra, Cairo in 1992 where we started our weekly Wednesday meeting there. And by God’s grace, the small numbers multiplied. Hundreds of young men and women and even families started to join and the meeting kept growing week after week.

And by God’s grace this meeting has grown into a large and effective ministry where a large number of the attendees began to participate in the various roles in the Ministry such as praise and worship leading, music, counseling, small group leading, discipleship groups, administrative roles, audio and video services, translation, building and updating the website…etc.   

Ministry Team in 2000 Ministry Team 2006


In the New Year Celebration of 2001 the Lord gave us a name for our ministry: “The way of Life Ministry”. We believed that this name was the most adequate as it summarized the aim and vision of our ministry that Christ Jesus is the only way for salvation and eternal life.

This ministry was founded and led from the start by Dr. Youhanna Ghali, a physician who became a full time minister since September ’91. In September ’93 he got married to Ghada Ghali who was also a full time minister since ’92. Since that time, they began to lead the ministry together as partners in training the ministry team and living totally by faith.                                                          

In addition, they studied together in The Pentecostal Theological Seminary. After their graduation in 2003, they became lecturers in the same seminary.

In 2003 as the ministry expanded, God also expanded our ministry team and blessed us with a full time minister called Hanna Saad. He participates with us in the ministry and he carries many responsibilities. And so we grew from a small home  group to a multiple field ministry. Hallelujah!!

Lately, the number of people in our meeting have been growing to the extent that the meeting hall, the gallery and the seats in the overflow are no longer enough to host the growing numbers of people. Now there is no room for people to stand even on their feet in the aisles and the church entrance.


Our Vision

1- Our first and foremost aim is winning lost souls; seeking lost sheep from different backgrounds, particularly in our country and in the region, where a large number of souls are deprived from the true Gospel. Our primary goal is proclaiming the Cross-and God’s free gift of salvation. We are striving to preach the Good News by all possible means, taking every opportunity whether by preaching, written material, audio and video cassettes, our Arabic website, Christian satellite channels...etc to reach those who do not hear of the love of Jesus. This is done in weekly meetings, in several-day crusades or through the various media resources.

2- The maturity of believers and their spiritual edification, keeping the church constantly on fire for the Lord to serve Him more and more and to further His kingdom.

For this reason, we concentrate on preaching deep Biblical truths, studying and teaching the Word of God whether in our weekly meeting or in our various prayer and discipleship small groups.

3- Leadership Training & Developing of Ministers: We believe in the importance of preparing new generations of leaders for the continuation and the enlargement of God’s work through their participation in the ministry. For this reason we are called to implement teaching courses, and minister’s conferences for training and self-development. The majority of the participants in these events are from our team, but there is another ratio of attendees coming from other ministries both in and outside Cairo. They attend these courses with the aim of being equipped so that they can go back to their churches with new enlightenment in the word of God.

4- Intercession & Spiritual Warfare: We do believe in intercessory prayers accompanied by spiritual warfare and their necessity for overcoming the kingdom of darkness that tries to oppose and hinder the achievement of these goals. We also believe that prayer is the key that releases the glorious work of the Holy Spirit on earth. This is why we have a weekly prayer and intercession meeting for the whole ministry team, besides other smaller weekly intercessory prayer meetings. We also hold various prayer conferences throughout the year.


The Different Fields of Our Ministry

- Our weekly meeting: We have a weekly meeting every Wednesday in an area called Shoubra in Cairo downtown, which is one of the most overpopulated suburban neighborhoods. The objective of this meeting is to encourage and build up Christians. It has become one of the most well known meetings in Cairo and has a great spiritual impact on souls. Many Christians from different churches attend this meeting to receive encouragement. 

Usually there is a simultaneous interpretation in English for the foreigners attending our meeting, as we believe that God will further use our ministry even beyond the borders of our vision.

- Crusades Held in Cairo: We hold between 2 or 3 annual evangelistic crusades in Cairo where each one lasts for 3 days. In such evangelizing events,  our entire team works together to invite new people and take care of all the necessary preparations leading up to the event. Praise God that many who are thirsty come to know Him.

                                                    Evangelistic crusade Feb 2006

- Crusades held in Other Cities: Our ministry is keen to hold many evangelistic meetings and crusades in different parts of the country starting from Alexandria in the north to Luxor in the south, passing through the Delta, Fayoum, Minia, Assuit and Souhag (Upper Egypt) and so on. Also we support other ministries in their crusades and outreaches either by preaching the word or through our praise team’s participation.

- Annual Conferences: Our ministry holds 2 annual conferences where a big number of Christians who attend from all over the country.                          

Annual Conference Feb 2006



- Ministers’ Conferences: Additionally we hold conferences for the ministers, which include specific teaching for building and training leaders, generation after generation. A number of ministers are attending such conferences from within our team ministry as well as people from other ministries.

- Teaching and Discipleship Courses: Our ministry also concentrates on teaching the Word and doing follow up. We have a three level discipleship course or Bible school that we hold after every crusade for new believers as well as mature believers. This course starts with a beginner’s basic level for newly beginning Christians where we deliver a Biblical teaching foundation and all other preliminary subjects needed for strengthening new Christians and having them abide in the truths of a godly life. And it ends with the third level that concentrates on training and preparing a minister of God.

Also we pay great attention to home groups and consider that area one of the most important aspects for fellowship, unity and the edification of souls.

- Two Teaching Books: The Lord also has given us the privilege to publish two big teaching books suitable for self-study and home groups as well. Also we have many publications such as booklets, audio & video tapes, CDs, worship tapes.. etc



- Children’s Ministry: God has granted us with a lovely team for children’s ministry who has a vision in their hearts to bring a new generation for the Lord. The number of the children varies from 30-40 in normal meetings and reaching about 100-150 during the crusades and great events.

- Youths’ Ministry: Though we had special events for the youth through the last years, yet since October 2005, we began to have a youth ministry depending upon a youth team who is burdened with ministering to their generation. Since that time, we held two big events.                                    

Youth Ministry Team

- Mission: Since 1993 Dr. Youhanna and Ghada Ghali have started to move to different parts of the Arab World accompanied by a few members of the team to hold conferences and to teach. They’ve traveled to Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Jordan.

- Web site: In 2002 we constructed a website that is mainly in Arabic, but also contains some English translated articles for English speakers. We aim, through this site, to reach more and more people from different backgrounds.

This site includes: teaching materials, booklets, updated audio & video sermons & songs, articles about who Jesus is, His divinity, and prayer requests that are forwarded to our intercessory meetings, answering questions and counseling to everyone who writes to us on the website, and periodic newsletters. Till now around 5000 people have subscribed their names and some of them are from different religious backgrounds.

- Satellite TV: At the end of 2004 the Lord put in our hearts the dream of broadcasting our meeting on satellite channels. And despite the difficulty of that matter due to financial reasons, by God’s grace in March 2005, the Lord opened for us a door to broadcast our weekly meeting on satellite TV surrounding the Arab World & Middle East. Now our program is broadcast on TBN Arabic Channel 4 times a week and covers all the Arab World, Middle East and Europe.

And in October 2005 our program was broadcasted on El Karma Channel that serves the Arabs in all North America.

In March 2006 it was broadcasted 3 days per week on the Spirit Channel. Because of these programs we receive a lot of e-mails and prayer requests from most of the Arab countries and from all over the world. 


 Current and future projects:

1- A new wide building for the ministry:

For over the past years, the number of our weekly meeting was greatly increasing to the extent that our current place is not containing the attendees anymore. The entire place became packed and people can’t find any room even to stand on their feet. Nowadays we’re praying for a new and larger place in order to contain the growing numbers together with every current and future activity of the ministry. And we do believe that God will accomplish this project by His grace.

Meanwhile, we are in the stage of getting ready to start soon in preparing a new place as a head office and center for the ministry that will be a place to conduct the various and growing activities of the ministry therein. For, by the grace of God, now we have several activities such as teaching courses, cell groups, children’s ministry, and Sunday school, in addition to the activities of the praise team, the theater, the audio and the video teams to rehearse and pray together. Therefore it became a necessity to get this new center prepared for the needs of these activities even though we know that it won't contain our common weekly meeting.

Therefore support us with your prayers that the Lord would get these projects done, knowing that He who promised is faithful and able to do regardless how difficult or even impossible they are, for He is the God of the impossible. But if it is within your capacity and if you felt that God is burdened your heart to support these projects, then please do not hesitate to do whatever God wants you to do. And whether your offer is a little or a much, God will delight with honest offers no matter how small they are. Just remember how Jesus considered the two very small copper coins of the poor widow much more than all the others' offerings, for she had given out of her poverty.

2- New programs on the satellite channels:

By the end of 2004, we started to have our vision of producing a program that will be good enough to be aired on the satellite channels. This vision was like a dream, by all means, beyond our abilities to be fulfilled. At this time we were not having any financial capacities, technical experience, or even any supporting associations to help us. Despite of that, God has encouraged us to take the first step by faith without knowing what He was going to do. By the beginning of March 2005, God had given us the privilege to broadcast our first program aired on the satellite channels. Praise God! We can boldly testify that whatsoever is impossible to us is so easy to be done by the God of all blessings and miracles.

Although God has provided us with many of the primary required equipment, such as the digital video cameras that enabled us to launch our meetings on the satellite, but we still have an urgent need for more advanced equipments that will facilitate and speed up the production of our programs with higher efficiency.

 Besides, we have some new ideas for a new program interviewing with the youths and families, but this will require more advanced equipments, plus setting up a Studio for fulfilling this project.

First of all you can support us by your prayers for we believe in its great power and effect. Moreover you can be a partner with us by your financial support unless the Gospel will be hindered. This is what the Apostle Paul was teaching about in every church he went.  


Our Faith

We believe in the Bible as being the infallible living word of God; in its verbal inspiration since “holy men of God spoke as they were moved along by the Holy Spirit”; that it is God’s complete revelation of Himself, and that it is the only source of truth and spiritual knowledge.

We believe in one God, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient, the Omnipresent, and the Creator who has absolute authority over all creation.

We believe in the Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one in substance, equal and united; one God.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God, who appeared in the flesh when He took a complete human body; born of Virgin Mary without sin; that He is the Son of God, and the Son of Man, Jesus Christ our Lord; that He died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day, ascended into heaven and sat down at the right hand of the Father.

We believe that though man is created in the image of God, but because of sin he becomes a sinner by nature, as inherited from Adam, and that sin separates him from God and puts him under eternal judgment. We believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ through His death on the cross as a substitute for all humanity, to pay for the sin of the whole world. We believe that he is the only way to salvation, and that whosoever believes in Him receives remission of sins and eternal life. And we believe that this salvation is free, through grace of God and is undeserved by man; is not earned by works but is received by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning death.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Life-Giver, the Comforter, equal with the Father and the Son, who came at Pentecost to institute the church, and who lives in true believers as His temple since receiving Salvation; that He is the Comforter, life-giver and the source of encouragement, joy and peace.

We believe in the infilling of the Holy Spirit, as an important experience and the source of spiritual power, fruit and gifts for serving the Lord and for the furthering of the Kingdom, and that the Holy Spirit is the one who confirms the church and the work of the Lord with power, signs and wonders.

We believe in the sanctification of born again Christians through the Holy Spirit. We believe in the importance of living a holy life in the Lord and fully surrendering to him. We believe that Christians have to be spiritually alert and sincere, separated from evil and the spirit of the world; that this is the only way to enjoy a life of power and spiritual efficiency.

We believe in physical and inner healing, and the life of full freedom in Christ; in spiritual and material blessings as a result of the redemptive work of Christ on the cross.

We believe in the universal church, which is the body of Christ in all the earth, the true believers from every church and denomination, regardless of their names and differences. We believe in the importance of love and unity among true believers, regardless of their denomination and personal beliefs. And we believe in the local church, the assembling of believers together as the real place for their growth, fellowship, worship and serving the Lord.

We believe in the Great Commission, given by the Lord to His church to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth, and to all nations and people by the power of the Holy Spirit for the salvation of sinners from hell and winning souls to the Lord.

We believe in the second coming of Christ that he will ordain the church to be with Him in glory. We believe in eternal judgment for the world and sinners, and that believers will not come under judgment but will stand before the throne of Christ to give each an account of his stewardship.

Our Vision Ministry Fields
Projects Our Faith